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Our physical gathering space will wait for us.
And now we gather digitally.
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To be continued…we miss you

Classes at Park Tower 5415 N. Sheridan 2nd Flr 

Non-Resisdents of 5415 N. Sheridan, contact me directly regarding attendance

email: or  text: (312) 804-7115

Monday  5:30 PM (1 hr)  We will be back…

Hatha basics & Deep Stretch   Explore deep releasing stretches and some restorative poses. Learn effective breathing, alignment, and some meditation. 

Thursday 5:30 PM (1 hr)  We will be back…

Slow Vinyasa  Feeling the freedom of moving fluidly  through the pose while synchronizing the breathing through each movement. This class includes sun salutations, safe backbends, standing balances, breathing exercises.  All levels welcome with some optional advanced versions of various poses.

Saturday 10:00 AM (1 hr 15 mins)  We will be back…

Vinyasa level 1-3   This class incorporates the alignments and the effective breathing to dive deeper into the physical practice. Warming up with a series of flowing sun salutations to create an inner heat that will allow for additional deep twists to cleanse internal systems, balances to build stamina and practice mental focus and increase strength. Variants will be given so that each pose will be accessible but will also offer an opportunity to test the boundaries of our practice and perhaps go a bit beyond where we “thought” we could go….safely.

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2 thoughts on “Class Schedule”

    1. Thank you Matt. I think its just matter of showing up! I followed the suggestions of others and the support and encouragement of freinds like you. Now come to class!!!

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